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Camp Is For Film Too

A little over a week ago, we wrapped a six-day filming on Camp Nichols. It’s a thesis film directed and written by Brandon Sparks and DP-ed by Marc Patterson. Check out my Instagram or the Camp Nichols Facebook page to see some of the behind the scenes photos. I can say that this is close to the most fun and most educational experiences I have had on a film. First of all, I have never been camping, but I think that for now that set is the closest I’ve been to being that.

As a set dresser, I got to learn how to build tents, thank you Emma Weston, and watch out for the rain and art department supplies, thank you, Stephen Thomason. I also got to dress lamps, collaborate with the art department in dressing about around seven or eight sets including a party scene, and prep prop food. ​​​

​Just a little side note for anyone that is graduating and going into art department, shopping for set dressing for a film can make you a little anxious the first time you do it, but calm down--in and out, in and out. On a set like this, you realize that everyone is learning and that you just have to have faith in yourself and those around you. God’s got you, and people on crew are there if you have any questions. Until next time, keeping filming and continue the creativity.

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