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For the last two months, I've been pretty busy starting with production for my first film as a production designer. The Right Pick is a comedic short through Crossroads Productions directed by Andrew Brown and produced by Carly Jones. Being a designer for the first time was pretty nerve racking, but exciting (which is how I describe everything that requires a new level of planning).

I was thinking of sending e-card via email, but people might think its spam and not open it, so I thought this would be better. I kind of thanked a few people already on Facebook. Thank you, Dr. Raimist, for allowing me to be in last summer's TCF in LA internship class, where I got to meet Brandon Sparks and watch Back to the Future at the Hollywood Bowl. He introduced me to Crossroads Productions which gave me the chance to production design.

They have been a great group of people to work with from Keri, who was also a production designer on The Right Pick, to Carly, Ryan, and everyone who helped me move things around the set. Also thank you to Miranda Donato, Miranda Hamilton, Jonathan, Chris, and everyone who brought something for wardrobe and props. Thank you to the Surin of Thailand restaurant for being so helpful with whatever we needed.

Thank you mom and dad for supporting me through going to LA and through anything that I want to do. I love you guys.

Lastly, I want to thank you God because I couldn't have done any of this without him. My whole summer internship except LA expenses was paid for with loans, grants, scholarships, and some help from my church district, so I also want to thank everyone that who was involved in making that happen.

As of right now, I am starting pre-production on a few films, and I have a gallery showing that opens tomorrow with Creative Co-Op called 9Seventeen (it's at Dinah Washington Cultural Arts Center), which is pretty awesome. Thank you, Carly, Shanrica and Crossroads Productions, for allowing me to work on some of your films next semester.

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