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My name is Christina Burroughs aka Mickey, and I'm an aspiring creative director for commercial ads. Currently, I'm a first-year MFA at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. I graduated with a BA in Studio Art with a concentration in Digital Media from the University of Alabama in December 2016. I was in the CIS in LA internship program where I interned for Red 14 Films, now renamed Film 14. My work ranges from illustration to VR and production design to special effects prosthetics.


I love foreign, family, historical, and supernatural/ superhero-type television shows. This includes shows like Korean drama Coffee Prince, CW's The Flash, Showtime's Shameless, PBS/ITV's Downton Abbey. I also have a random knowledge of action and superhero movies due to two parents who love action-packed movies. Overall, I love the idea of exploring different cultures and concepts through media and food.  I speak a little Spanish and Korean, some French, but mostly English.

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